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“.... Must Hatch is all killer no filler, and a very impressive debut for an act certain to make noise on the festival circuit and beyond. ”  Oliver X - Reno Tahoe Tonight

“ Lastly, we have Must Hatch

by The Incubators singer/

songwriter Katie Freeman, vocalist/guitarist Chris Chappell, bassist Max Ramey and several dozen backing musicians (which include a brass section on several tracks) have released an auspicious debut album. At their foundation they are a roots rock band but they build their sound with various instruments, which create some wonderful textures. The female and male vocals fit their style well. An album well worth seeking out as they have issued some creative and relaxing music.”


    - David Bowling - blogcritics


"The Incubators are one of my new favorite bands! Combining styles into their own brand of  Americana!

                                   - WildMan Steve

                                      WMSR (Auburn, AL)

“The debut full-length release from Petaluma, California's The Incubators. Rather than starting off trying to please the artsy crowd (which is what many new bands do), these four musicians are aiming at a mass market right off the bat. And if the timing is right Must Hatch might just be an album that will plant them firmly in the public spotlight. This CD contains the kind of hummable Americana-driven mid-tempo pop that folks love. The band is comprised of Katie Freeman (of Cosmic Freeway), Chris Chappell (of 7th Generation), and Max Ramey (who plays with Davis Ramey). Lending their talents and skills are some rather amazing folks...Melvin Seals, Mike Emerson, Scott Law, Chris Haugen, Chris Rossbach, Matt Silva, Ian Lamson, T Moran, Dale Fanning, and April Grisman... Whew...talk about some amazing folks getting together to create something substantial (!). If you like smooth accessible stuff that's easy on the ears and mind you can't go wrong here. Ten cool cuts including "Down The Road”

                                                                   - babysue.com



" Russian Roulette "(seevideo) and"

ArtificeCake ", while Katie Freeman lead

vocals accounts for the catchy" Trust in

'You "and in its self-composed" One True Baby
". The most striking stranger in our midst is

by an infectious Hammond organ sound
guided ballad "Bring Your Self To Me" as
a real duet is brought by us and actually
most of all is appreciated. There are no world
hits on this album, but the ten songs on
"Must Hatch" are all of excellent quality and form
a most enjoyable first album 'The Incubators'.”

Rootstime (Belgium)


“Chris Chappell, Katie Freeman and bassist Max Ramey catchy and infectious roots rock songs managed to bring all can be determined on the basis

of the ten tracks that they composed and recorded their debut album

"Must Hatch". Chappell and Freeman, who four years ago with 'The Incubators' began, singing mostly harmoniously together, but

with male vocals a little more to the fore, including in the

opening track "Down The Road",

"Drift", "Viola Lee Blues "